Forum .LRN Q&A: Native Windows Installer for .LRN - Version 1.23

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Dear all,
I've just compiled version 1.23 (7th of August 2011) of Windows-OpenACS: an actual native Win32 and Win64 port (no Cygwin, no VMware) of .LRN and OpenACS.

I had to re-create the installer so quickly, just few days after version 1.22, because thanks to the Aolserver people the Windows support in the most recent version of the code base has been made more stable.

This version contains:
1. aolserver-4.5.1 (CVS HEAD 05/08/2011) - including
1.1 nssha1
1.2 nspostgres 4.1
1.3 nsoracle 2.8a1
1.4 nsopenssl 1.77
2. tcl8-.5.10
3. tk-8.5.10
4. tDOM-0.8.3
5. xotcl-1.6.6
6. thread-2.6.6
7. tcllib-1.13
8. tclsoap-1.6.8
9. tls-1.6.1
10. postgresql-8.2.21-1
11. openssl-0.9.8.k
12. openacs-5.7.0
13. xowiki-0.142
14. dotlrn-2.5.0
15. External binaries:
a. wget -
b. cat, chmod, convert, cp, cvs, date, diff, ftp, gzip, iconv, ln, ls, mkdir,
mv, pdftk, ps, rm, rmdir, sh, shutdown, tar, vim -
c. htmldoc -
d. trml2pdf -
e. openssl -

The port can be obtained at the following URL:
This versions has been sponsored by:
Quest Computing Ltd.