Forum OpenACS Q&A: Setting parameters for Oracle 10g

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Posted by Brian Fenton on

I just installed Oracle 10g last week. The Enterprise Manager tool is now all web-based. Here's what I did to set the 2 parameters OpenACS requires.

nls_date_format = "YYYY-MM-DD"
open_cursors = 500

Go to Enterprise Manager:
Click Administration
Click All Initialization Parameters
Click SPFile
Enter nls_date_format in the Name textbox and click Go
In the results, enter "YYYY-MM-DD" in the Value textbox and an appropriate comment in the Comments textbox.
Make sure tickbox next to "Apply changes in SPFile mode to the current running instance(s)." comment is ticked.
Click Apply.

Same for open_cursors.

Open a SQL*Plus session and test the changes:
Select sysdate from dual;

You can also verify the changes in the SP file in ORACLE_HOME/dbs/ directory. The file is named something like spfileSID.ora

Hope this helps somebody.