Forum OpenACS Q&A: a new architecture

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
I just discovered a new system based on a completely new architecture and I'd like you share here.

It's an ERP system manly based on e-commerce and financial modules. Plus, a little bit of project management, but even that is still related to financing, sales and distribution...

The thing that surprised me is that the system is written basically in javascript, client and on the server side too, using an extended library that works on both, server and client sides, with its own API, even doing the database interface. The supported databases are: PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL.

Even more surprisingly it uses the beauty of OO programing that only a few people, or I would say almost no one knows that exists in javascript programing language

Furthermore the system has the peculiarity of using a database local cache, plus a local http server called by "iEngine", written in Delphi. And believe me, I was astonished when I witnessed that!

It means, we can have the system working with a database local cache and a http server installed on a local machine synchronized with the main server instance.

The architecture is showed here on this scheme

That shows all the modules that build the system and the iEngine is the fundamentals of everything.

To me OpenACS has been stated as the best of the best technologies that are on the market. But seeing this new stuff made me really think about what is out there and what we could be missing. Even to have it replicated here, on OACS's world.

For many reasons i chose to work with OpenACS: momentum, ideology, open source software, good development methodology, very close to academic concepts, advanced knowledge on software engineer and programing skills.

Except for two: lonely and self learning. I believe that is what kills the community and I am here to change that.

Best wishes,