Forum OpenACS Development: Search package question regarding title of results returned

Hi -

We're encountering a problem where we're seeing "Untitled" for one of the search results returned when using the Search Package. I traced this down to the content for the search result being a content-includelet. After more tracing it comes down to content-includelets are cr_revisions and the title for these includelet revisions is null.

Has anyone encountered this before? If so - how did you resolve?

See here for an example of the search result:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

This seems to be specific to the content-includelet.

Should a content-includelet be searchable? If so, what should the title be. Can the title be set in the cr_reivisions.title attribute?

Shouldn't it just pull the page set title in the results? People don't think in terms of "content includelets", but "pages".
Yes, that would be best. I'll look into this over the weekend (talked to Avni about it).
Sorry, that was meant as a response to Carl's post above.

Dave, the URL that's returned is to the full page. For the purpose of search, from a logical point of view, the content includelet's content is treated as being content within the page. Which is why I agree with Carl as to the title that should be returned.

Internally, of course, search finds the content includelet's content revision. The callback to generate the URL finds the page the includelet's on and returns the URL for that rather than for the includelet itself.

Does a content includelet have a URL?

It is a part of a layout manager page, and I am not sure it makes sense to include it as a seperate item.

Sometiems I guess it can be on its own page/url.

So I think the solution is to create a search callback implementation that returns the correct data for that specific includelet, since the search package, and the content repository do not "understand" the context necessary to display the content includelet.

Don fixed this for us - Thanks Don!