Forum OpenACS Q&A: First requests fails: invalid command name "rp_filter"

hi all,

I ran into teh following problem during installation:

AOLServer 4.5.1 starts regularly and loads all packages, including package 'request-processor-procs.tcl'

First http request to server fails with:

"invalid command name "rp_filter"

I reviewed all ns_param's in config.tcl but can't happen to find one that might contain a value not suitable

LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to the folder with the ns-lib's.

No clue where else to look, help is welcome :)


Hi Klaus

Looks like your filter didn't get registered. Strange that there's nothing else in the error log. You could try turning on debug parameters mentioned in rp_debug ( ). That might shed some light on the issue.

Hope that helps,

Ran into the same issue with a fresh installation. No errors in the logs until I a request is made through the browser.

Klaus, were you able to fix the problem or find any other leads?

Thanks in advance,

- Jose

Hi Jose,

ufff ... all I remember is having found another error that occurred before the "invalid RP_filter", so Brian was right.
No idea why I overlooked it in the first place.