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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Are you saying that error.log does not update with new messages?

error.log updates with new messages only if i visit other pages.

If so, is aolserver "spinning" ie taking near 100% cpu process? Is another process spinning?

No. It isn't.

Is this error condition only after visiting your new TCL page on a rebooted system?


Have you tried inserting ns_log messages in the TCL page to help determine where in the page that the problem begins?

Yes. I tried. I tried even to delete the whole chunk of code that contains the error. but it doesn't work.

Is the error information you posted the error that is still posted to the log on reboot?

No. it doesn't repeat. only if i write the bad chunk back to the TCL file. it just freezes there and after reboot is gone.

What is the first error in the log after reboot?

There are no errors after reboot. Only if i write whatever bad chunk of code again, the error is showed on error.log and gets stuck whatever i do in that specific page

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