Forum OpenACS Q&A: OacsFs Problem when Xowiki instance re-named

I have an instance of xowiki that I have renamed 'content'. The OacsFs popup file upload feature is now broken because the Javascript is still primed to try this URL:

I have tried editing the OacsFs.js file in /packages/acs-templating/www/resources/xinha-nightly/plugins/OacsFs/OacsFs.js

OacsFs.script_dir = '/xowiki';

changed to:

OacsFs.script_dir = '/content';

....however although the resource is now located, the code now throws a whole series of other script errors beginning with:


An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 3

Char: 31

Error: Unable to get the value of the property 'Xinha': object is null or undefined

Code: 0



Can anyone tell me the recommended way to update this path?

Is there a fix to get xowiki to pass the correct path for the calling xowiki instance to the Xinha configuration?

Many thanks