Forum OpenACS Q&A: Handling of '&' vs '&' in xowiki FormField

When including an image using the following syntax:

[[image:itema&itemb_871x365.jpg|Item A and Item B]]

...xowiki does not recognise this as referring to the existing object called 'itema&itemb_871x365.jpg'.

Instead it creates a new content item called 'itema&itemb_871x365.jpg' complete with a link to upload this new object when the page is rendered.

Is there a way to 'escape' the ampersand to avoid this substitution. I am not sure if this is performed by xowiki or by the templating system.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The problem was that in HTML pages, the content of the link (between double square brackets) was not unescaped. I would not recommend to use funny characters, but since one can upload these files, this was clearly a bug in xowiki's link handling (now fixed in CVS).

All the best