Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ajax File Storage broken UI on Windows clients

Hello everyone,

I write to ask for suggestions/confirmation about a bug we recently found on Ajax File Storage UI 1.0 on Windows client's browsers.

When a "browse file" dialogue is requested, clicking on the "browse" button has no effect.

Turning on the error console on Chrome and Firefox shows no error.

We could see this on different Windows versions, using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Linux clients seem to be unaffected.

This started happening around this summer.

The version of ExtJs used by the package is 2.x, so I suspect a breaking in backward compatibility by newer browsers.

The package was originally developed by Solution Grove, I tried to look for newer versions, but seems that no further developing took place after version 1.0

Should we start planning for a replacement/porting of the package, or somebody already faced this problem?

Posted by Dave Bauer on
I worked on this recently and integrated a more modern file upload that works well in all browsers. I'll see if I can update the code in OpenACS as well.
Posted by Antonio Pisano on
That's great news Dave, thanks a lot!

Let me please know if it could be done or if you need some help!