Forum OpenACS Development: ad_proc switches

Posted by Thiker shreah on
Hi all,
I was looking the other day on the ad_proc switch checking, I would suggest to do some updates to it based on my experience with it:
1- fix number_p : strings like 1A2 matched as numbers. BTW, is there any direction to make those most used procs as compiled C module, it will save quite some time, specially with complex web-sites.
2-why when an invalid switch met, an error arise, for example, if we have a definition like this:
ad_proc foo { {-sw1 ""} str } {....}
if the str started with "-" and the sw1 hasn't been passed an error will occur, I know -- will solve the issue but still the call shouldn't fail. There should be someway to allow the switch validation proc to try the input arguments.
2: Re: ad_proc switches (response to 1)
Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Thiker

Thanks for posting this. Do you have a patch for any of those issues you found?

best wishes