Forum OpenACS Development: Theme Selva. validation

Posted by Ben Koot on
I have just installed Theme Selva. It looks great but I have a few comments.

1. The current dotLRN banner is great for demo purposes, but it would be great if we would have a mechanism to upload a replacement immage without having to dig into the source code.

.Lrn home and .Lrn project URLS are prety useless for people creating their own eduction application with .Lrn, and only cause confusion to outsiders.

XHTML validation fails and shows 8 errors.

CSS validation fails

RSS validation fails

508 validation fails

The quick and dirty solution is simply delete all these topics from the skin, however the problems detected ask for attention.

Just some thoughts

Sory, folks, installation crashed, but, if you check the links on a succesfull installation you'll see the errors. Interestingly, on these errors have been resolved.