Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: glibc detected: free () : invalid pointer ? double free (fast)

This week a new kind of error appears but I'm not sure it is related to the first one. Around 3-5 times by hour, the network interface stop to publish the site (nsd process is alive, but the public interface is not accesible), and we fix it provisionally with an "/etc/init.d/networking restart" on crontab.

This is the problem reported by Mauricio ... the fact that restarting networking fixes it makes it clear that it's probably not AOLserver at fault.

When this happens, can you "ping" or otherwise access the network interface?

If not, there's some other problem with your machine, maybe you have a bad network interface? The fact that you describe this as a new problem makes me suspect that it's a hardware problem ...

Gustav is the best resource regarding which versions of Tcl/AOLserver work best in a 64-bit environment.

Well,it is weird to explain... when it fails, the server disconect us from ssh (port 8082), but if you try a "telnet" on aolserver port, the interface respond.
I'm agree this is not an aolserver problem, but we request for help to the staff on charge of conections and they are "sure" that the problem if not about networks or interfaces... they say it is an application issue, so I mentioned it on the last post.