Forum OpenACS Q&A: Why is AJAXHelper set to off in yui-carousel by default?

::xowiki:Includelet require_YUI_JS -ajaxhelper 0 "file.css"

...seems to result in version 2.7.0 of the files being sourced direct from YAHOO instead of from the openacs file system, which in turn of course leads the beloved Internet Explorer to squeal like a stuck pig on every page load.

Why is this? Is it to guarantee compatibility by default by always loading v2.7.0?


Fix the references like so:

script src="//"

instead of

script src="";

I recommend using the CDN if you leave off the protocol it'll work as long as they serve HTTPS from the CDN. I know the google CDN works that way.

Thanks Dave, that makes perfect sense. In fact I have something else set up that way, it just didn't occur to me!