Forum OpenACS Q&A: site usage

Posted by Mike Sisk on
There's been some discussion recently about various changes to the toolkit and site. I thought it might be interesting to see just how this site is being used and how folks are getting here.

The following info is distilled from yesterday's (January 30, 2006) access logs:

Total Hits: 84,276
Bandwidth: 2.34 GB
Sessions: 8,072

Busiest Hour by hits: 2 AM PST
Busiest Hour by bandwidth: 11 PM PST
Busiest Hour by sessions: 6 PM PST

Top requested pages:

1. /forums/message-view 27%
2. /bugtracker/openacs/ 8%
3. /forums/message-email 6%
4. /forums/message-post 5%

Top Browsers:

1. Mozilla Compatible Agent: 51%
2. IE (6.0 96%): 16%
3. Firefox: 12%

Top Platforms:

1. unknown (blocked but probably Windows): 68%
2. Windows: 25%
3. Linux: 4%
4. Macintosh: 2%

Top Referrals:

1. None (visitor comes directly to site or info is blocked): 78%
2. Google: 11%
3. Yahoo: 0.8%

Search Terms:

1. openacs: 1.6%
2. pls-00201: 0.73%
3. ora-01000: 0.53%
4. ora-01795: 0.47%

Most people getting to the site by search are looking for OpenACS specifically, or for info on an Oracle error. Probably half of the search terms that end up on the site are for Oracle errors. About a third are email MTA related.

Yesterday alone there were just over 1500 visits resulting from searches.

Here's some of the more humorous searches that got people here (all from just yesterday):

how to make photo move in website
qmail vs postfix
postfix vs qmail
exim vs qmail
exim vs sendmail vs postfix
difference between qmail vs postfix
qmails speed for sending emails
qmail or postfix
jabber `chat on your website`
manual manipulation
live parties
creating web page using tcl
job vacancy macedonia
development by reason
bauer history
where is boston
how greenpeace fits in with christian ideals?
moodle how to update scorm module
how to write a smoke test
too much connection
visa creditcard number
security vulnerability
selenium automated
where to find yahoo secret question and answer
`track & field` microsoft database file
ruby on rails review


Not everything you see in the log reports is easily distilled down into numbers. Here's my impression of how the site is being used:

The number of people using the site on a consistent basis is relatively small. Their sessions are longer and usually restricted to the forums and bugtracker. Google and MSN aggressively crawl the site every day. Sometimes, when the site seems slow to respond, it's because both robots are crawling at the same time. A large number of people get to the site via a google search everyday looking for -- essentially -- system administration or DBA help. And they leave when they don't find the info they need. The average session length on the site is 10 seconds or less.