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Posted by Jim Lynch on
Heya Victor...

Could you add ecommerce if not already? (and its deps as specified by


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Posted by Victor Guerra on

ecommerce and dependencies repos have been created.


11: Re: GitHub repository (response to 10)
Posted by Jim Lynch on
Thanks Victor... What would go into a "basic usage" doc, and a "best practices" doc? let's see, for basic "get the core" might start something like, This would be a first cut on the openacs user's documentation. It will need filling out.

There is a github repo for openacs core, and also one for each non-core package. One way to start, is get a free github account, and then fork openacs-core, which will appear under your account.

Make sure you have your ssh key in your linux user account, and add the public half of your key to your github account. Once you do this...

You can then git clone the acs-core from your fork to the dir where your service will go. You will then have what git calls a working directory, which also has a "git remote" which is a pointer to your forked repo on github.

Edit the config file (which is in etc/config.tcl) as indicated by docs elsewhere. It's not recommended to add this file to your repo, as it may have passwords in it.

if your config file does not have sensitive information in it, you could commit to the local git repo, and could commit to master, which when you push, will go to your forked repo. If you commit to other than master, you could refrain from pushing that branch, so your config file would not get pushed when pushing your other changes.

Once you have a first cut of your config file, try to start the server. Watch the error log for errors, when they occur, go to the first one to find out what started the throwing of the error, determine and fix the problem, if config file changed, add/commit and repeat until the server will start.