Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ns_ictl update error with tcllib tree library

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Upon further inspection the version I have is the same except for whitespace, probably from pasting it into emacs.

Maybe it's a specific case that the fix doesn't catch that only occurs in the struct tree module, I don't know. I don't even understand why that package is called since its not required in any of my code.

Posted by Jeff Rogers on
Does your installation use project manager? That's the only package I see that requires 'struct' (which I think pulls in tree, set, and so forth).

Are you already running aolserver cvs head or something close to that? The changes to init.tcl were only made recently to my knowledge (Dec '11).

I'll see if I can get the problem to reproduce with project manager. In the meantime, you could try commenting out the errant code - init.tcl:594 which is

::append _import [::list rename [::namespace current]::[::namespace tail $_orig] $_cmnd] \n