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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
uh... wait a second.

It is in use in heavy production use in Heidelberg right now (to Authenticate against RADIUS) and depending on who the person was that paid for this they likely subcontracted it out to you using funds under my control at the time (I initiated and coordinated the External AuthN work while I was in Heidelberg, which was a collaborative project: Greenpeace/Heidelberg/Mannheim/MIT Sloan/Bergen iirc).

If OpenACS wasn't such a small semi-perfect world I would comment on how small and semi-perfect the OpenACS world is.


Good work Mat (for writting such good code that no one bothers you about after more than a year of production level use)!!

P.S. Can someone help find a home for this (e.g. someone with a good contact in the AOLServer world). If we can not get it into the AOLServer CVS, we should host it here (in the meantime put it in the file storage here Mat and I can change the reference to your site).