Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ns_ictl update error with tcllib tree library

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Ok so I did have package-manager, which I disabled, and I do not see the struct::list in acs-tcl/tcl/util-diff-procs.tcl or util-diff-procs.tcl at all so I'll need to see if I have the correct acs-tcl.

I do have aolserver 4.5.2 or latest from CVS according ot the changelog.

It appears that project-manager was updated and now calls the struct module from tcllib and disabling that resolves the issue for now, and explains why the older install did not experience the same problem.

Thanks for all the help.

Definitely it appears there is a problem with AOLserver 4.5.2 and tcllib struct::list but I have at least worked around it in my case since I don't think I need project-manager.