Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Adding Selenium Tests to OpenACS

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Thanks Carl !!!

I think the developers of selenium and the selenium recorder deserve most of the praise. It's an incredible testing tool. One that empowers regular users of our web applications to easiy do regression and unit testing.

Ok, before we do start the ball rolling with Selenium we have to make a few decisions. Just 2 for now.

1) Do we install selenium on the server ?

Before selenium-recorder was developed there was no other choice but to install selenium on the server. Now that we have selenium-recorder, it is now possible to create tests and execute (play) them from firefox without selenium installed on the server.

Personally I am for installing selenium on the server because ...
- we can take advantage of user extensions from selenium
- we can use our own custom tcl scripts to create test data

2) Where do we put the tests ?

Automated test scripts from the OpenACS automated test package are placed in tcl/test.

It'm not certain if we can do the same for selenium.

Normally I would put everything in www/selenium/tests.

File storage tests , for instance, would be in www/selenium/tests/file-storage, Forum tests would be in www/selenium/tests/forums and so on.

I'm going to see if it's possible to put the tests in say package/package_name/www/tests. If it's not possible to do so, we may have to consider putting all the tests in one place instead of putting them in their respective packages.

In the medium to long term we should consider writing a driver for selenium in the same manner that there is a Ruby and Java driver.

Posted by Cato Kolås on
Hi all,

this looks like a very nice tool that can even be used for stress-testing (I hope)...

But I'm have a bit of a problem finding out how to install Selenium on a server. It runs perfectly in Firefox/Selenium-ide on my PC. Any pointers?