Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Fatal: received fatal signal 11 - new error after years!

Thanks to everyone for their quick response.

After a bit more log analysis, I noticed that the signal 11 occurred just after a 404.

Recently I had changed my file-not-found.adp 404 redirect from:

rp_internal_redirect /www/global/404


set rendered_page [ad_parse_template "/www/global/404"]
ns_return 404 text/html $rendered_page

The new code seems to not even log 404s in AOLserver 4.5.0, and cause the fatal signal 11.

My test environment running 4.5.1 handled the new code fine, so I guess it's about time I matched the two AOL versions (oops). I know there were some fixes to 404 redirection in 4.5.1 but they seem to indicate the 404 page was not even appearing. In my case it was.

Can anyone confirm that upgrading to 4.5.1 is the solution to this particular issue? I'd like to use the second code fragment so I can use a templated adp page and still return a 404 error code.

Thanks again,