Forum OpenACS Development: Load balancing in Postgres


I am searching a tool for load balancing (or
caching selects) of our PG DB. I have found to

-pgpool: It is a good tool but we have to inspect all
the selects. I read on docs:

SELECT query is not in a transatcion block.
Please note that a SELECT may modify databases by
calling a updatable function. In this case you
should NOT use the load balancing. Othewise pgpool
will fail due to the contents difference between the
master and the secondary database. You can avoid the
load balancing by putting spaces or comments in the
begining of the query.

-memcache: Anybody has one tcl API for this library?
-Other tool???

Any experience?


Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
see here:

we did some experiments with it, but decided on the short term not to go this way.


Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
There is also pgmemcache for PostgreSQL, and Harish Krishnan's small Tcl interface to memcached. More info on both of those from Oct. 2005 in the NetV, memcached thread.