Forum OpenACS Q&A: Cluster of AOLServers?

Posted by Nima Mazloumi on
Hi there,

I would like to setup a test cluster of aolservers all connected to a database server.

What are the configurations I need to make on the AOLServer if at all?

Also I can see on the ACS Kernel Parameters the following:

- CanonicalServer
- ClusterAuthorizedIP
- ClusterEnabledP
- ClusterPeerIP (default 0)
- EnableLoggingP (default 1)

Can kindly someone bring more light to the above parameters and share his/her experience with running OpenACS in clusters?


2: Re: Cluster of AOLServers? (response to 1)
Posted by Victor Guerra on
Hi Nima,

First take a look at this:
There was a problem with the dinamic definition
of util_memoize_flush.

As you mentioned, there are some parameter in ACS Kernel related to clustering.

Lets put an example of this.
I have to instances of Openacs ( both of them using
the same DB. ).
First one in :
Sencond one in: 10.0.045:8802

So the configuration for clustering goes like this

CanonicalServer: Primary server in the cluster ).

ClusterAuthorizedIP: 10.0.045:8802 ( List of Servers that can issue requests. All Servers listed here will execute the local flush requested from anyother Server in the cluster, take a look at /www/SYSTEM/flush-memoized-statement.tcl and you will get the idea of this parameter).

ClusterEnabledP: 1 ( This enables the cluster)

ClusterPeerIP: 10.0.045:8802 ( List of Servers included in the cluster ).

EnableLoggingP: 1 ( Debbuging messages in your log files).

I hope this helps you.

Victor Guerra.