Forum OpenACS Q&A: SQLite, Monotone, and SourceForge in a Box - all distributed, all versioned

Ages ago, some users here were interested in using OpenACS to build a SourceForge-like system, and of course OpenACS is an excellent tool for that sort of thing.

Thus, some readers here may be interested in what D. Richard Hipp recently had to say about building a SourceForge-in-a box, only a lot better. Scroll down, for most of that email he's talking about algorithm and implementation details of the Monotone VCS, then he gets to stuff like this:

What I'm looking for is a VCS + bug-tracker + wiki that I can just drop into a cgi-bin of some low cost web hosting site (like Hurricane Electric, which I notice we both use) and have a ready-to-roll project management system with no setup or other details to worry about. Kind of a sourceforge-in-a-box, only a lot better than sourceforge. I'm looking for something like monotone with CVSTrac enhancements that works over HTTP. Nothing like that currently exists, I'm afraid, so I've been working on my own.

Yes, it is a big job, though perhaps not any bigger than writing an SQL database engine 😉

Monotone is my favorite of the current crop of VCSes by the way. It has 80% of what I am looking for. What I'm really after is a better monotone. I have been greatly inspired by your work, as have others, I notice.

Then he posted some more radical ideas. Basically, drive as much as possible (everything?) through the distributed VCS (e.g., Monotone++), each instance of which is itself implemented with a Relational and ACID DBMS engine (SQLite).

That all seems, well, rather ambitious. But cool.