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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
When I upgrade a site at a certain time, I could do a cvs diff to see what has changed in code. But this usually is too burdensome to look through. Is there a way I could get a history of all changes in packages directory since the last cvs update ?
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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
by history I mean the cvs commit messages.
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Posted by Dave Bauer on

Option 1)

cd /openacs/packages

cvs log -Ddates

From the CVS book
-dDATES - Prints log information for only those revisions that match the date or date range given in DATES, a semicolon-separated list. Dates can be given in any of the usual date formats (see Date Formats earlier in this section) and can be combined into ranges as follows:

    * DATE1<DATE2 - Selects revisions created between DATE1 and DATE2. If DATE1 is after DATE2, use > instead; otherwise, no log messages are retrieved.
    * <DATE DATE> - All revisions from DATE or earlier.
    * >DATE DATE< - All revisions from DATE or later.
    * DATE - Just selects the most recent single revision from DATE or earlier.

You may use <= and >= instead of < and > to indicate an inclusive range (otherwise, ranges are exclusive). Multiple ranges should be separated with semicolons, for example

or use -r as you would for updates to compare to a certain branch, tag, or revision (only useful for individual files if you know the revision number.)

Option 2)


where days is how many days ago you want to see.

4: Re: Re: CVS history (response to 3)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Thanks a lot, but how do I figure out when my last update was? Is there a build in CVS function or should I keep something like "touch upgraded-2006-02-10" file lying around in my packages directory.
5: Re: CVS history (response to 4)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
AFAIK you can't find out when you last did a cvs update, but you can get something that works just as well: You have a bunch of files checked out on particular revisions, and those revisions each have a date in CVS. The date you need is simply the most recent such date. You could write a little script to do "cvs stat" on all the files and extract such a date. (I don't see any better way to do it.)
6: Re: Re: Re: CVS history (response to 4)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
one could make a "cvs status", process the output with a simple tcl script and then do a "cvs log" for every updated file based on the repository revision....