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11: Re: nsoracle error? (response to 10)
Posted by Abrantes Filho on
Just another information:

The "ns_ora clob_dml_file" correctly inserted a small file as clob in the test table.

The problem is with "ns_ora clob_get_file": when selecting the clob and writing it to a return file, the resulting file have a binary charset, and so a diff between the original file and the retrurned file fails (should be equal).

The ORIGINAL file inserted on database (ns_ora clob_dml_file):

cat markd-small.txt
this is a small test file

file -i markd-small.txt
markd-small.txt: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

The RETURNED file (ns_ora clob_get_file):

cat markd-small.txt-back
this is a small test file

file -i markd-small.txt-back
markd-small.txt-back: text/plain; charset=binary

Now, aparently the problem is in ns_ora clob_get_file: it is writing a "binary" file insted of a "character" file.

Any ideas?