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Posted by anjali n on
Could any one tell me the exact location from which i can customize my dotlrn login page?I just want to add a logo and change the background color.How do i do it.Is it index.tcl and index.adp files in
which i've to look in for customizing my login page?
Please help
Posted by Pavel Boghita on
have a look here


Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
The first page of your website, i meant the very very begining page must be dotlrn-master-kelp. You can create whatever page you want and set as the template on
This is the place to set all the parameters of the website.

The template page takes you to another one that probably is on the /www directory. You should keep following the structure then you will end up on the "point of the big iceberg"

But becareful when you are on the code, because you must know what you are doing otherwise you will break your website down.
If you have no problems with that, my sugestion is do it. This is the way you will learn best and fastest, by practing.

To test how it works you can: go to your server save the dotlrn-master-kelp, tcl and adp, as another page (dotlrn-master-anjali, for example).

Then change on the parameters section the template to the one you just created and do your messy there and see how it changes your website

did that help you

Posted by Ben Koot on
Question was asked twice. Cross reference
Posted by anjali n on
I've customized my page.Thank You so much.