Forum OpenACS Q&A: question: does this context_id chain look ok?

I'm trying to define a security infrastructure for a package...

ok, so there are two sides, user and admin (and a handfui of object types for each)
on the user side:

  • an account object (acct) which ties a user to an account
  • a certificate object (purchase_cert) which specifies a timeframe which was purchased, ties to a specific account and to some kind of object which is supposed to represent the monitary transaction resulting in granting the time frame to the account
  • a sequence object (exec_seq) (for keeping track of which item the user is on right now)
  • items (exec_seq_item) for that sequence...
also on the user side (in settings) there are...
  • "devices" (device) (each related to an account)
  • attribute sequences (device_attrib_seq) for devices
  • items (device_attrib_seq_item) for attribute sequences

that's everything on the user side... I want to see what you think of this as an initial cut on the context tree:

user preferences chain:

  • device_attrib_seq_item objects context id to the device_attrib_seq,
  • device_attrib_seq context id to device,
  • device context id to acct

then the normal operation chain,

  • exec_seq_item context id to exec_seq,
  • exec_seq context id to the acct,
  • and purchase_cert context id to the acct