Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: dotLRN class attendance

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
dotlrn-attendance was checked into HEAD almost 8 months ago and we are using it in production at MGH (I talked with Rocael and he was not aware of the package). Based on a quick discussion it seems the package we are using at MGH has more features than what he was planning on releasing and he might use this one instead.

I took a few screen shots to show how some of the features work.

1. Add/Edit a session where attendance is tracked:

2. Admin portlet with some of the options (we need to add some links to additional admin/reporting pages)

3. Mark attendance on the web:

4. Mark attendance on paper (and enter it in the web UI later)

5. Send emails per session

All I have time for right now. Please download from HEAD or wait for .LRN 2.2 (we will be adding this package).

Hope this helps you both.