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Posted by Richard Hamilton on
Thanks Don. It is still being billed as "the next generation" so I guess that means not yet formally adopted by SCORM. However, it looks as if it has a fairly significant promotional push behind it, and all the big names are advertising support for it.

It also seems that the content production software tools are now delivering content which requires "Tin Can" support, but I'm not clear exactly what this adds just yet.

Do you know of any plans to enhance the SCORM player to support this for .LRN? From the noises I'm hearing, and the popular demand for access to content on iPad "apps", I get the sense that the absence of support could be a big disadvantage for .LRN.

Conversely, being first to support this amongst the open-source options could be a big decider in favour of .LRN.

If I wanted to contribute to a project like this under guidance, who would lead it?