Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Beginners Question on dotLRN

Posted by Mohammad Al-Ghazali on
I've successed in installing the dotLRN,but i'm using a different instance right now.

For example:
My old oacs is running through port:8000
My dotLRN is running through port:7000

How can i install dotLRN as part of my old OACS?
Posted by Al Guyer on
Hi Mohammed, Congrats!

I am not sure exactly what you mean...? If I am not mistaken, dotLRN is a collection of applications, and services (webpages, portals, etc) that run in (on?) OpenACS which is also a collection of applications, and services. Not all versions of dotLRN run on all versions of OpenACS. If you used that link to the tarball, it has the correct version of OpenACS, with the correct version of DotLRN. It looks like there is a new, beta version of DotLRN that runs on the newer version of OpenACS, but I don't think you want to mix them. If I understand your question...