Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Bad HTML + Notifications

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
the mentioned layer is in part in the naviserver distribution (aolserver-openacs.tcl) and part in OpenACS (guarded by

if {[ns_info name] eq "NaviServer"}

). See e.g. acs-tcl/tcl/utilities-procs.tcl. the naviserver support is quite a long time in OpenACS, but was improved over the years. i am not sure about the state of OpenACS 5.3, my recommendation is to upgrade to a more recent version.

In other words, for the layer, there is nothing extra to install.

Concerning nsldap: A few days ago, I have added a nsldap module adjusted to the C-api of naviserver to the bitbucket repository.

Best regards

-gustaf neumann