Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Current state of theming in OpenACS (without .LRN)

Posted by Jim Lynch on
Dave, could you clarify for me about the info file...

You say "Copy openacs-default-theme to mysite-theme and find/replace the info files ..." and what I'm not understanding about that, is what is the goal of that? What do we want the info file to look like? When we copied the openacs-default-theme package files, what did the info file look like before change/find/replacing?

I have a chance to try this out nowish so I'm looking for a little more guidance in that particular area.


Posted by Dave Bauer on
Basically you are copying a package so the .info file needs to reflect the package key for your new package.

I do not inherit templates for the theme package. The subsite derived package needs to inherit templates and needs to "extend" acs-subsite. This way you can put only the files that are different under your derived subsite package and use the default subsite templates where appropriate.

Since a theme package is just a master template and associated css, list and form templates, inheriting doesn't make sense for the theme.