Forum OpenACS Development: Re: CVS monitoring for OpenACS:

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The programmatical changes are only required on the main repository part ( Everything done with cvs can be done with git as well, sometimes maybe slightly different. One has much options with git. Do we want/need submodules? What kind of workflows do we want to support, do we recommend? The biggest piece of work is finally documentation. At the end, if we would do everything the same way as before, is the change worth the effort?

We have done to move to git for our learn project several years ago, victors repos are more or less a byproduct of this. We have changed our development workflows as well several times. We have now a feature-branch oriented development, which is for larger projects the way to go, when active development is happening. we have rather the fear that our code base is getting to far apart from plain openacs. however, the interests of an release manager are often different from the interests of an developer.

Posted by Dafydd Crosby on
I've already done some patches to improve the APM repositories. If it would be the thing that finally gets OACS to move to Git, I'll happily put in the effort to make another patch so that it will do the APM building from Git.