Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: News package installation error

Posted by Prem Thomas on
Jim and Ryan,

Thank you. I took your suggestions and succeeded.
I did have acs-service-contract installed before trying to
install news, so that was not the whole answer.

For posterity:
  1. start fresh with a new checkout
  2. install packages using instead of
  3. install packages one-by-one, according to dependencies shown by apm, restarting server between installs
cvs checkout -r oacs-5-7 openacs-4
cd openacs-4/packages/
cvs checkout -d acs-events openacs-4/packages/acs-events
cvs checkout -d acs-datetime openacs-4/packages/acs-datetime
cvs checkout -d general-comments openacs-4/packages/general-comments
cvs checkout -d news openacs-4/packages/news
cvs checkout -d rss-support openacs-4/packages/rss-support

cd notifications/
cvs update

install acs-events
install acs-datetime
install general-comments
install notifications
install rss-support
install news

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
Looks good. After the cvs checkout you can also just go to the APM and select the News package. Its dependencies will be auto-selected and installed in the correct order.