Forum OpenACS Q&A: Tabbed template and sections

Posted by David Lee on
I wanted to be able to choose what applications show up in the navbar for a tabbed template. I looked through the tabbed template (group-master.adp) and right now it uses @sections@. I wanted to find out all the files that deal with this variable sections, but I'm not familiar enough with linux to know how to do this. I think you can use the command grep? Does anyone know how?

Another question is, I'm thinking about two ways to choose what applications show up in tabs. Whcih one is safer/easier?

-directly edit the "sections" table to give it a "showtab_p" variable
-make an application that sets the "showtab_p" as true or false
-in the group-master.adp file add an if statement checking "showtab_p"
Question: If I do this route, will I be able to access and change "showtab_p" from another application? Would it mess up the current database if I tried changing the columns on sections? (giving it "showtab_p")

-make a new table showsections that stores the sections and "showtab_p"
-make an application that alters that showtab_p
-in the group-master.adp file then check the showsections table with an if statement.