Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: lors errors and questions ...

Posted by Lester Green on
Every I'm a newbie also. I currently has openacs 5-1 with lorsm package installed I get specific errors when adding a class.

1. MESSAGE KEY MISSING: 'lorsm.lt_Upload_IMS_Content_Pa' (which shows at the top of the upload page)

2. MESSAGE KEY MISSING: 'lorsm.lt_Choose_the_course_zip' (which shows on the same page next to the "choose file" button)

I'm thinking that I would have to modify the parameters of the lorsm package but I'm not even sure of how to get to that page.

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Rainer Hahnekamp on

missing message keys can be fixed by yourself even if you are not very familiar with openacs. The error means that there is some text on the page that has not yet been translated to your locale. So this is not a "critical application error" more a warning.
Just go to /acs-admin/apm/ where you have a list of installed packages. Click on "Lors Management" and then on Internationalization. Under "Localize messages in this package" you can now translate your missing message keys.