Forum OpenACS Development: Re: xowiki javascript "function calc_image_tags_to_wiki_image_links" doesn't do what you'd expect...

First of all, the ckeditor plugin "xowikiimage" is not configured by default. One can only find it by reading through the source code. This plugin was developed in a different code-base, and never resolved the paths for standard xowiki correctly.

You are right in your diagnosis, hard-coding the name is no solution, entries might be renamed, etc. I'll look into the problem and provide a patch.

best regards
-gustaf neumann


A couple of other points that might be helpful.

1) I wondered, if I used the definition code for en:photo_form as a boilerplate and added some other custom fields, perhaps the code you previously wrote to support photo carousels might be leveraged here to populate the image selection dialog?

2) CKEditor version 4 does not need the JQuery adapter. It has its own support for in-line (i.e. inplace=true) editing without depending on Jquery, and it has its own support for creating dialog boxes without requiring Jquery-UI. I was therefore going to have a bash at converting the xowikiimage plugin and related ajax code to run on the back of a native CKEditor v4 dialog.

I am more than happy to put time towards anything I can helpfully do.

Regards & thanks,