Forum OpenACS Q&A: database error?

Posted by Koala Yeung on
One of my ACS3 site stopped responding itself recently. I have to manually restart the site to resume its responds. I checked the log of the site and found these 2 lines appear repeatingly at the down time:

[05/Mar/2006:00:00:59][27430.5126][-conn0-] Error: Filter sec_read_security_info returned error #1: command "ns_db" is not enabled
[05/Mar/2006:00:00:59][27430.5126][-conn0-] Error: tclop: invalid return code from filter proc 'Critical filter sec_read_security_info failed.
': must be filter_ok, filter_return, or filter_break

What should be my problem?
What should I look at?
What can I do?