Forum OpenACS Q&A: Earth Day -

Dear all,

As we all know OpenACS community is also formed by people passionate about the Natural environment.

They are bird's photographers, micro-organism's collectors, real Nature Lovers who support principles and values such as sustainability, substantiality, preservation, altruism, openness for changing, and the list goes on...

I'd like to make an exception on this forum to announce the website

An Eco-Entrepreneurial achievement, Planet Natopia is a social community that connects the people, companies and organizations and other disparate interest groups that are passionate about our Natural Planet and a natural Lifestyle and empowers them to share and inspire others.

Planet Natopia was launched exactly today, in the Earth Day, with a clear purpose to give a meaning to it. With the goal to aggregate even more value to this successful idea and challenging project.

I hope it pleases everyone. Feel free to spread the news out!