Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: New openACS user...confused

Posted by Robert Hammond on
Sam. I downloaded your videos, uhmmm, they really don't show anything significant. I noticed you are using Solaris 10, have you setup your OpenACS instance in a zone, and are you using it as a "legacy" app or running it under the auspices of smf?
Posted by Sam Nicholson on
Heh! Nothing significant. Heh! The significant bits (where The wle thing cam crashing down on the floor with random bits rolling everywhere) are indeed what are missing. But I had a fair bit of trouble getting those pieces right. The lack of a concrete example was a pain. So, now there's a concrete example.

As far as Solaris is concerned, I don't use Zones, Jails or chroots of any type unless I'm desperate. The headache to me is not worth the benefit. But SMF, not that's much nicer than I originally thought. I am currently running ACS as a "Legacy" init.d script, but I've done a bunch of work to figure out how to migrate. I've already got postfix, thttpd, and a home grown pop3 server running under SMF. Perhaps I'll start a Solaris thread here to post my experiences once I get the ACS (well nsd) running under SMF.