Forum OpenACS Q&A: portrait upload problems

Posted by Maciej Wysocki on
I have got constant problems with portrait upload :

Database operation "0or1row" failed (exception NSDB, "Query was not a statement returning rows.")

ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "cr_items_unique_name"
CONTEXT: PL/pgSQL function "content_item__new" line 112 at SQL statement


select content_item__new('portrait-of-user-496',NULL,NULL,NULL,'now','496',NULL,'','content_item','image',NULL,NULL,'text/plain',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,'f','lob',NULL)


This is duplication key error that i have on all instances that i preinstalled.( i was trying on Max osx and on debian distro).
First upload is correct but any other for the same user is causeing duplication error.Portrait is not showing at all.
(there were bugs that are commited to cvs but even if i have .LRN 2.2.0a1 it is not working correctly)
There are few bugs concerning this problem but there is no working solution or patch for this.

I have similar problem with dotlrn community header upload.
There is problem in ACS-content-repository (content types)

Information from this patch are not resolving this issue.
Any one got this working ? any suggestions ?