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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Klaus,

The error message says between the lines that the form you are providing to the workflow is not a valid HTML form. I have just added an explicit error message to the xowiki-www-procs in CVS.

Concerning usage: Most likely, the Vienna XO underground is the most dominant xowf player, i know of some activities from Guatemala.

We are using workflows substantially on our production system (Learn@WU). Here are some actual figures about the workflow usage on this system:
- 636 workflow definitions
- 1.417 workflow revisions
- 59 workflow Contributors (persons, contributed to workflow definitions)
- 477.595 workflow instances
- 2.476.673 workflow backtrack points
- 20.842 workflow participants

So far, we have no tutorial for xowf, but below you will find some papers and slides in this direction. How far did you get? What did you do the get the error message?

-gustaf neumann

Gustaf Neumann: XoWiki Content Flow -- From a Wiki to a Simple Workflow System, in: Proceedings of 7th OpenACS / DotLRN Conference, Valencia, Spain, November, 2008


Gustaf Neumann and Selim Erol: From a social wiki to a social workflow system, in: D. Ardegna and M. Mecella and J. Yang (ed) , Business Process Management Workshops 2008 LNBIP 17, 698-708, Milan, Italy, September, 2008 .