Forum OpenACS Q&A: New OpenACS Site

Posted by Roger Lockerbie on is the site of the largest regional newspaper in Australia servicing a town of around 100,000 people.

This site is built on OpenACS 5.2/Postgresql and two custom packages

* Newsflow (stories/pictures)
* Classifieds (conversion of print based classifieds to the web)

Both make heavy use of the content repository (thanks Dave!!)

Also other odds and ends like the advertising server and edit this page (for static stuff).

Not to be claiming someone elses glory Brae Charles completely rewrote the site in openACS from my old ACS classic v4 site. (And improved it heaps in the process).

Not really classic openACS in terms of using forums and heavily community based (although we do plan to add commenting on stories and user surveys/polls etc)

But it is somewhat different to most openACS sites and I thought some might enjoy seeing the toolkit used as a vehicle for a different type of site.

Thanks to Don Baccus and all the openACS'ers old and new and big thanks to DaveB for all his efforts. But thanks to all who have put their skill and time into crafting openACS


Roger Lockerbie
IT Manager
Border Mail.