Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ANN: IMS-LD beta released

Posted by Luis de la Fuente on
I have received this question:

When an environment contains more than one learning object, the import gives a warning and only the first one is used. The specification does not have this restriction and the Coppercore players presents a list of all objects in an environment. Is this a temporary simplification you choose during the initial phase of development or are there other design rationales?

In fact, the specification states that a learning object inside an evironment is mandatory and ocurs only 1 time (see section

Actually, most users does not take this restriction into account, neither CopperCore does. We prefer to follow the specification as much as possible, so we have included this warning.

Posted by Michael Totschnig on
Hello Luis,

I have the impression, that there is a problem in the wording of the textual specification, because it contradicts the XML schema. In the definition of the environment-type there is a choice group, inside which the learning-object appears once, but the group itself has unbounded as maxoccurs attribute:

            <xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
                <xs:element ref="learning-object"/>
                <xs:element ref="service"/>
                <xs:element ref="environment-ref"/>

Thus, the schema clearly allows multiple learning-objects inside an environment. I have the impression that the author of the textual specification only looked at the single occurence of the learning-object element itself and overlooked the multiple occurence of the group where it is contained.

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Posted by Luis de la Fuente on
I see... there's a bug to be fixed here.

It's not difficult to remove de warning and behave like CopperCore, but before doing this i prefer to ask in LD specialized forums.

Changes will be reported here when the best solution is achieved.