Forum OpenACS Development: Re: running on PostgreSQL 9.2, OpenACS 5.8, XOTcl 2.0, NaviServer

> Also is there a 5.8 tag for openacs in the cvs?
no. this posting is not about the announcement of a new release of OpenACS, but about the upgrade of the site. We work towards a release (the openacs site + migration is kind of a milestone), but the release is not done yet.

> Does aolserver-4.5.x still work as far as is known?
yes (i guess this is again an OpenACS 5.8 question rather than an question). There is no plan/intention to drop aolserver support. One has to be careful when using new functionalities [1] of NaviServer, what goes into CVS, but most changes address the startup file of the server. The only larger infrastructure change in 5.8 is that it will require Tcl 8.5 (as decided by the OCT while ago).

Best regards
-gustaf neumann