Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Help with openacs installing

Posted by Jim Lynch on
there is an aolserver module called nspostgres whose purpose is to allow aolserver (and by extension the tcl it's compiled with, and by further extension any script run by that tcl interp) to query postgres.

Maybe you need that? aolserver4-nspostgres is the package name for debian.

Can you take the following steps before trying to install this package:

- stop the service (using svc -d /service/yourservicename if you use daemontools)
- back up the error log (as the next step erases it)
- truncate the error.log (run this: > (the error log file) )
- start the service
- let it come all the way up until the web server responds to the browser
- stop it again

Now the error.log shows (only) a record of a complete startup. Please show that here. Also you could look thru it to see what happened when it tried to load nspostgres, If there was a not found error, try installing the above package.