Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Help with openacs installing

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The scripts checked the current OS compatibility with "/etc/debian-version" instead of "/etc/debian_version". sigh, i need better glasses. Please re-fetch the scripts and run it again.

Just now, i have installed OpenACS with the updated scripts on 2 fresh VMs, one with Ubuntu 12.0 and one with Ubuntu 13.04, both went through fine.

The question is actually not, on which OS OpenACS is running fine, but on which OS is it the easiest to install. We are running on our large production system under RHEL 6.4, the OpenACS installation on under Fedora 18, on on Ubuntu 10.04, and on my notebook under Mac OS X 10.8. On all these OSes, OpenACS runs fine.

From my experiences with the VMs, i would recommend to use Ubuntu 13.04 instead of 12.04, since at least under my host OS, 12.04 made much troubles (no graphics support after installing from the iso, one has to upgrade from the rescue menu, then problems with the shared folders and "guest additions" under vbox) furthermore, the upgrades from apt-get are much faster in 13.04.