Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Help with openacs installing

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

after this endless thread (thanks for keeping up) i got the impression that you got the wrong OpenACS (the community system/web framework, as in, but you are interested in (an implementation of, a remote management and configuration server for network devices; ACS stands here for "auto configuration server"). Anyhow, many thanks, you made clear to me, how bad the state of the ubuntu/debian packages really is.

Jim, the scripts i added (see above) install OpenACS on Ubuntu/Fedora systems for PG 9.+ from scratch, including the updated postgres driver, tcl, tdom, xotcl, ..., using OpenACS, xo* and dotlrn from cvs and xowf from git, but using a packaged postgres version (on Ubuntu 9.1, on Fedora 9.2). We (mostly Victor and me) work in Vienna towards a 5.8 release, there is already a oacs-5-8 branch of OpenACS in CVS. Everybody is welcome to test it, and to contribute to the release.

As always, the release of the openacs-core packages comes first, then application packages. It is not clear yet, when and in which form a dotlrn release will come out (most dotlrn applications are substantially tailored sites, developed by busy people with not-so-much benefit from a new release).

Hope this helps
-gustaf neumann