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5: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Rogers on
I just upgraded one of my installations to HEAD, and I ran into a problem.

acs-templating/tcl/parse-procs.tcl r1.48 changed @variable@ expansion from using ad_quotehtml to ns_quotehtml, which is a very reasonable change.

However, AOLserver has a bug (that I just discovered) in ns_quotehtml that mishandles "", which results in [ns_quotehtml ""] ne ""; so a construct like

<if @error_msg@ eq "">
display error

will be handled incorrectly.    Naviserver's implementation of ns_quotehtml doesn't have this bug.

For a 5.8 release, AOLserver users should be advised to migrate to naviserver (especially in light of your very attractive recent performance numbers), or to a new, as-yet-unreleased aolserver 4.5.3 , or patch acs-templating if they are affected by this problem.


6: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
jeff, thanks a lot. Interesting the bug does not happen with some older versions of aolserver, that i tested with. The bug in the newer aolserver is not easy to spot, since
  set x a[ns_quotehtml ""]b
returns something that looks like "ab". This is now fixed in the oacs-5-8 branch. As always, the fixes of the oacs-5-8 branch will be moved to HEAD after the release.
7: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 6)
Posted by Jim Lynch on
running some tests in openacs shell...

ns_quotehtml <foo> --> &lt;foo&gt;

set foo "" --> (looks like nothing)

ns_quotehtml "" --> (looks like nothing)

list [ns_quotehtml ""] --> (looks like nothing)

set foo "|[list [ns_quotehtml ""]]|" --> ||

(hmm, let's give it another item)

set foo "|[list [ns_quotehtml ""] anotheritem]|" --> | anotheritem|

(hmm, that's interesting... why not |"" anotheritem|?)

8: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 7)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Jim, the tcl "list" command does not quote the result of the broken ns_quotehtml, because it thinks, it does not have to. The result is somewhat weird: in the shell, one can see by the empty line that tcl the value of x is not the empty string. The length of the resulting string is 1, but even Tcl's "scan" refuses to return something from that value.
% set x [ns_quotehtml ""]

% string length $x
% scan $x %c 
% set y \u0000; # same with "set y [format %c 0]"

% scan $y %c
% expr {$x eq $y}
$x is an "invalid character", which looks like only producible from C.

The fix in oacs-5-8 simply checks for the broken ns_quotehtml and uses in that case the slower version. For older versions of the aolserver (e.g. my test installation on with aolserver 4.5.0p1) or the latest (with the fix of jeff) OpenACS 5.8 will use the faster C implemented version.

10: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 8)
Posted by Jim Lynch on

when I saw your "string length $x --> 1", I went "whoa!!"

No wonder they didn't compare, and seeing "" isn't enough to assume a zero-length string.

Thanks! Very good debigging tool. (smalling? no, I meant deBUGging)


11: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 8)
Posted by Jim Lynch on
curious about a few different things...

First, is build of naviserv similar to aolserver in that you would build a tcl against which the naviserv is linked?

and, what about the tcl version? are folks testing tcl-8.6, and is tcl-8.6 vs tcl-8.5 influential on ns_quotehtml?


12: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 11)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
NaviServer is parent and son of aolserver (aolserver was at some time in the past called NaviServer); of course, both are dependent on Tcl (and link-in Tcl).

NaviServer builds against Tcl 8.6, although i would not recommend it right now for production sites. i am already quite happy that openacs 5.8 can use Tcl 8.5 features to remove some obscure constructs from the past.

Concerning ns_quotehtml: the bug is clearly in some recent aolserver versions; tcl8.6 has the same troubles with C-injected invalid chars.

9: Re: Towards OpenACS 5.8 (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on

recommending NaviServer is one thing, but requiring it is not an option now (it would require a TIP). Right now, we we have packaged versions (win, Debian) for aolserver, but not for naviserver. Although naviserver is in many respects better (, many aolserver installations are traditionally change averse, although i know of serveral sites that did that change (,

The case shows, that we still need more aolserver testing. Every test report is welcome.