Forum OpenACS Development: Re: running on PostgreSQL 9.2, OpenACS 5.8, XOTcl 2.0, NaviServer

Just an update: runs now with the code base from the oacs-5-8 branch. Some of you might have seen restarts or other abnormalities lately on These happened when i was hunting down the site bugs of, many of these were due to local modifications. The site bugs in the bug-tracker [1] are now down to 8, while much more unreported bugs were fixed, "detected" by spiders. 100 days ago, we had 17.000 errors per day in the error.log, yesterday we had 3.000, still much to many. In the same overhaul, the metrics and package info in the wiki is as well updated substantially, see e.g. [2]

The good news is that runs now mostly without any deprecated calls. The last oacs-5-2 packages in use are "bug-tracker" and "workflow", victor is working on these. In the same process, we are feeding back the changes to the oacs-5-8 branch (for the more exotic packages like "downloads" to HEAD).

all the best
-gustaf neumann